Saturday, November 22, 2008


Lowlight & highlights just like in this picture...
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This is exactly what I want.... This is the look I crave; only that my hair is much much longer..
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adventures of a single girl in this lame city...

Today I planned meeting a very special friend of mine; really a past lover whom treated me right and whom I care very deeply for and value his opinion.

We meet for drinks at the Peacock Room, one of my favorite places. Mr Y (this is lover #2 code) Is an attorney who runs his own firm; very busy, very motivated with a heart of gold. We split give or take 3 years ago and have remained very great friends (no benefits) I can tell Mr Y anything and he would never judge me... The best part is that if I ever did any wrong, he has no problem calling me out on it and always very tactful may I add.

I have been single now for the better part of a year and have been working on my look, style and attitude as a whole. I have a great job, live in an excellent neighborhood and have a hold on my finances ( I feel very blessed) and am very responsible.

I'm available! I said. Who are you eye'ng? he asked. No one yet. I feel I have been single long enough and I am ready to share my bed... I'm not looking for a husband, or a father; I am taking applications for a "partner" I want to have a little more fun with a man as oppose to me always doing things on my own...

Why are you always doing things on your own? he asked. Because my "friends" have other interest and I just decided to go on my own for adventure...

What kind of adventures? ha asked. All sorts; I want to go camping, I want to run, bike, snorkel and dive more often. stay away in random places for maybe a night at a beach; drive to the beach at night; have drinks at a lounge, dance, kiss till its morning and stay in bed all day eating sorbet and watching movies. I want him to like my dog and be an outdoors man. Not be lazy and not take things so personal, I want to laugh at his jokes and be silly and sexy at the same time. I want to flirt and have him wink at me from across the room. I want to have sex in random places at any time of the day or night.

I'm looking for a friend I can discuss politics, religion, economy and still be able to smile about it. I want pillow fights and make up sex. sleepovers and party nights; group dates and romantic dinners. Work discussions and play time.

I want life to happen with someone I can trust, have fun with and be ourselves!

How do you plan to manage that? he asked.

I was about to ask you????

For those of you that do not know me; Mr Y and I dated for 2 years and had a great relationship. we laugh, we cried. we never argued and the sex was pretty good and very often.... But we were not "inlove" love. So we decided we should just stay good friends and give each other the chance to find that burning, painful, blissful love that keeps you awake and alive; Euphoria if I may.

I believe that each human being has the capability of experiencing these feeling. i mean really experiencing this between two people. This hunger and sexual desire combined with admiration and respect and above all compassion. I hate to sound "moochy" because I am not a needy, feely, touchy kind of girl. But I have experience infatuation and it has been mutual. But like everyone else; it has faded because it was not true love!

I want to meet that man that makes me want to be an even better person, I man that will drive me as much as I can possibly drive him; i want this to be mutual; and I believe in the bottom of my heart that this does exists.

I have no idea where to even start looking. And then I realized all I needed was positive affirmation..... I needed Mr Y to tell me I could do it. Did not matter how I would get there, I just needed to know that it could be done.

Be true to yourself, make yourself happy and have strong convictions. Be honest and let people in, tear down any walls and any negative thoughts, accept people for what they are and never expect any more than they can give, believe in them as they believe in you. Always smile, be selective and above all; never deny yourself what you deserve.....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My name is Dahly and I live a simple life... I have a cat named Melody and her meow is like music to my ears; I also have a dog named Newton and I don't think I have ever loved something or anything so much... They are my family.

Melody is the product of Marble, a cat I found in a dumpster at the 7-11 by my mothers house; It was the spring of '93 and I had to climb inside the dumpster to rescue her... It was late; actually it was early in the morning.

I took her home with me and didn't even think about it twice, Marble was kind of ugly and skittish and to tell you the truth, I didn't care for her; but I have always liked cats and I felt I had saved her.... After awhile Marble kind of warmed up to me and never would leave my room.

I moved several times and she always moved with me; In the winter of '97 she became a whore and all the cats in the neighborhood became aware of how easy she was, soon enough Marble was pregnant and the little escapades stopped....

Needless to say, Marble had three little bastards; Tripod, Harmony and Melody ( my sister named them) I kept Tripod (yes, he was a 3 legged cat) and he was a great cat indeed, Giselle kept Melody and Harmony I have not a clue what happened to her; I think my cousin kept her???

Just to let you know, Marble was a bad mommy, she never liked her babies and it was Sterling (mom's cat) who raised these two hellions.

It is not clear to me how exactly it happened, but Melody and myself created a bond to this day, she remains very close and needy of my attention, and for being a cat lover and realizing how aloof they can be; I love every minute of it. Tripod passed on Thanksgiving of '07. He lasted 9 years longer than what the Vet predicted.... he was happy, loved and is always missed.

My mother died of cancer on November 9th, 2005. It was no shock to anyone in the family; her battle was long and hard for everyone.... It is sad how a death can create a rife in a family, the time when everyone should become close and support the sick one in need is the time everyone is selfish.

Her death was hard for me as it would be for any child to loose their parent and to this day I can not believe she is gone; this is how I acquired Newton!

A coworker said I needed a dog, she happen to have a Dane(bitch) ready to pop. I always envisioned myself with a big breed ( I was the only one)! The people that know me thought I would do better with a small dog....

The dog had her puppies and weeks passed... I heard the dogs were being sold, they were designer dogs, $600 and blah, blah, blah... There was no way i would pay that much for a little shit and specially a little shit mutt.

My friend Amy did a little research an turned out this particular breed was a new "thing" and they were "hot".

I thought I was being scammed on buying a mutt. This coworker approached me on a Monday and said to me: The puppy will be ready by Friday, you just need to pick him up, I am giving it to you because you need something to love and love you in return... don't tell anyone.

Don't tell anyone what, that I need love or that it is free???? Friday came and I left after work to pick up this dog, which buy this point I was more scared than exited. Denise came with me (another coworker) and we drove 1 hour to get to Shawna's house. Once we arrived and I saw the dog it was small, really small and nothing like a cat. All I knew is that "it" was a male and that Shawna had picked him for me...

Denise and myself drove back to Amy's where we were meeting her husband and my best friend. (another hour) The dog was little and lethargic, I had no idea what to expect.

I quickly learned they are NOTHING like cats; he fallowed me everywhere and laid next to me or hid under the toilette (weird) I did not know what to do with it and was not sure if indeed I wanted a dog?

I purchased a book, and then another book and then another book and after reading for a week I decided to observe the little creature which buy the way made absolutely no noise what so ever....

Just to give you an idea, I acquired Newton when he was 6 weeks old and Newton is a Shiz-Tzu / Peckignesse mix, he was very little and he looked exactly like an Ewok.

They say you need to be consistent and stern and patient with a dog. That they are like children and need a regiment and a schedule and rules to follow.... I have no children, patience is not a work in my vocabulary and consistency??? what does that mean???

I must admit the dog trained me; he walks me in the morning and at night, he takes me to Lake Eola during the weekends, I have learned the meaning of patience and have a methodical schedule I lacked in every area of my life prior.... He is not obnoxious, moody or loud, he has a great personality with other dogs and humans, he is loving and likes to share (except with Melody) he likes to hug and kiss, he likes to play as much as he enjoys laying on my lap(or my neck or my back). he loves me unconditionally and that is all that matters.

I guess Shawna was right... I needed something to love and love me back without difficulties or drama. Something simple and full of life and energy and endless enthusiasm at the bear site of me.....